Ваш город Москва?
Да, верно

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the chain of our beer restaurants increased by one more Lambic restaurant on Prospect Mira near the Moscow State University Botanic Garden, sometimes called the Herb Garden!
Restaurant address is 26 Prospekt Mira, bld. 7 (see the map)

This raises the question: how can this «new born» restaurant make happy and surprise our guests?

Well, firstly and as usually, it is its wide range of wonderful Belgian beer and a long menu of tasty snacks to it.

A special feature of the restaurant is an excellent josper for cooking dishes on a mangal. For newcomers we will note that a josper is a large hybrid of a stone oven, a grill and a mangal. A josper makes it possible to bake gorgeous meat, steaks, fish and vegetables with indispensable aromatic crust, the smell of smoke and juicy content. It does not take a lot of time for cooking dishes, and baked food preverves its juiciness and valuable vitamins. The josper uses pure charcoal, and it is an environmentally sound tool for cooking "pieces of culinary art«

Dear guests, when you visit us, do not forget to try dishes from the josper from our chef!

The second special feature to please our guests is an interior of our restaurant. We took into account the proximity to the botanical garden and decided to emphasize wooden interior elements and represent in original way architectural special features of the premises. In general, the decoration style can be defined as «European». A lot of wood is the first thing that will attract the visitor’s attention. On the second floor in the big hall, high vaulted ceilings, large picture windows and round window sockets shall be noted. High degree of glazing gives airiness and light to the hall resulting, in turn, in positive mood of our visitors. The upper hall is as if created for collective relaxation, a wedding banquet, anniversary, celebrating someone’s birthday, having a corporate party, or any other events.

The third thing one should pay attention to is the proximity to the Moscow State University Botanic Garden. A nice walk in the garden before or after having food will improve your mood and well-being, and together with a visit to our restaurant it will create the feeling of having good time. Note also that flower exhibitions and events for family leisure are regular held in the Herb Garden.

The new Lambic restaurant near the botanic garden on the Prospekt Mira combines advantages of location in the centre of the capital with benefits of quite, not bustling corner, where you can have a rest from civilization.

Restaurant address: Mira Avenue, 26с7

Prospekt Mira
430 m
Prospekt Mira
690 m
740 m

Telephone: +7 (495) 432-09-90

Mon—Thu, Sun from 12 PM to 12 AM
Fri, Sat from 12 PM to 3 AM

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